Google Summer of Code 2017 with Bazel

This year Bazel has given me an invaluable opportunity to work with them as a Google Summer of Code 2017 participant and I am very excited to share this information. I will be working on project titled “Code completion for .bzl files” under guidance of Mr. Laurent Le Brun. The aim is to create a standalone binary that provides code completion for Skylark files (.bzl). Input of the binary is a .bzl file and a location. Output is a list of possible completions. The main use-case is to provide completions for editors and IDEs.

Main idea is to adopt Microsoft Language Server Protocol to integrate code completion/auto-complete. By adopting the protocol we can also have features like goto definition, find all references and alike in future. More info here.

I am already feeling very good about this summer. Looking forward to learn a lot 🙂